index [11/26/2010]Check out my latest work in radio: KYRS Local News.

[8/13/09]The Lost Metro Blogs are here.

A selection of my favorite stories:

Pot debate lights up EWU : Retired DEA and marijuana advocate argue pros and cons of the most controversial recreational drug available to college students.

Searching for hope : Life on the Streets of Spokane.

Meet Glenn Case : Producing music for the internet. He's the new one man band.


Fishing : One man's sport is another man's psychotic episode.

Spring of 2009, I started dabbling in photography. All the pictures you find scattered across this site are mine but do to some space considerations I've only posted a few of my favorites and those that went with stories like the lost blogs. To see more look me up on Facebook:

Last updated: 7/05/2010
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