04-04-2008: news-local

Bismarck Tribune
A wave of punk and industrial metal will radiate from Buckstop Junction as Knife and other bands from Bismarck, Minot and Los Angeles display their original music on Saturday.

Knife started as the brainchild of Zach Nevland of Bismarck in 2002.

Drummer Nick Just, vocalist Nevland and guitarist Mark Beliese started playing together in 2007, picking up a second guitarist, Brian Gross, along the way.

"It was just Zach and I and Mark to begin with when we did the live shows," Just said.

"And then Brian just recently joined this last show and has become a member now," Nevland said.

"He paid his dues," Just said.

Talking about their stage show, Nevland and Just laugh about the "technical difficulties" at their last concert.

"Basically, I was throwing water all over the place and wasn't exactly aiming," Nevland said. "It got all over our pedals and Nick's - he has a hard drive unit that plays back tracks and sounds."

The electrical equipment and water didn't go together very well, and there were a couple of glitches.

"There was a few times where I was playing, and I know I wasn't off time that bad because it (the hard drive) would just switch to a different part of the song," Just said.

Knife has played four shows now, including last year's Rock the Lawn on the Bismarck State College Campus.

"We're getting crazier with each show," Nevland said.

So what are Nevland and Just hoping for the next show?

"Less technical difficulties,'" they replied in unison.

In spite of some on stage antics, the Buckstop Junction show will be a night of clean fun, according to promoter Matt Lone Bear. This will be the first show for Lone Bear and his wife Rosa who run Lightning Sky Productions.

"We just like live music and people playing their own stuff," Lone Bear said.

Lone Bear said they don't want any drinking at the show.

"We kind of want to have a clean, fun show," Lone Bear said.

Other bands playing will be Father Son & Holy Smokes from Minot, Jump High Five from Bismarck, DJ Stahler from Bismarck, Mankind is Obsolete from Los Angeles and The It from Bismarck.

Doors open at 5 p.m. with Father Son & Holy Smokes playing at 5:30. There is a $6 cover charge at the door.

For more information on the show or any of the bands, go to www.myspace.com/ lightningskyproductions.

(James Ziegler is a Bismarck State College Student. He can be reached at 701-302-0822.)


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