Bayview Days Fourth of July

By James Ziegler

The red, white and blue plumes bloom into fiery sky flowers above the shimmering surface of Lake Pend Oreille scattering their shades across the bay. From Pat Pierce of Spokane's perspective on the upper balcony of her float house on the bay, it's an eruption of color.

“It's unique, very unique. Not many people get to experience something like this,” Pierce said of her weekends on the float house.

The Department of Lands outlawed new construction of float houses like Peirce's in Bayview during the late 80s but for those who already have one, it is the best view in town of the Bayview Days' fireworks.

The towns annual festival is always planned for the weekend nearest the Fourth of July, but this year they landed dead on.

Often regarded as a well kept secret, the Bayview celebration draws many Spokanites who want to get away from the congestion downtown and enjoy a good ol' all American Fourth.

Hot dogs in the summer heat:

Grilling at Big Red's

By James Ziegler

Summer brings the sounds of children playing in the park, the crisp green of the trees and the delicious aroma of hogs dog charing on the grill. Hot dogs may get a bad wrap on the health food circuit, but when it comes to summer time foods, there isn't much more all-American than a hot dog off the grill.

Spokane Metro Magazine found Curtis “Big Red” Bytnar, thermometer close at hand, grilling his signature foot long, quarter pound, all beef Big Reds in front of City Hall.

“I love it,” Bytnar said. “I don't think I ever want to do anything else.”

Growing up in Chicago, hot dog stands were a common sight for Bytnar. He's held top level positions at many prominent kitchens since moving to Spokane nine years ago.

“When I first started in culinary it was all excitement,” Bytnar said. “Now it's all about getting to the top.”

So this summer he decided to pursue a dream.

“It was always my dream to own my own business,” he said. “Give a good product and talk to a lot of interesting people every day.

Bytner's hot dog cart, Big Red's, can be found Monday - Friday on the corner of Spokane Falls Blvd and North Post Street. Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings Bytnar grills it up near Jimmy'Z from 9 p.m. until 2:30 a.m..

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