What used to be a term referring to a tiered tower with multiple eaves has

been transformed into an underground grunge band by singer- songwriter Michael

Pitt. Although, the New York based band, Pagoda, has been around since 2001,

they just released of their debut self-titled album from the record label Ecstatic

Peace / Universal last February.

The album has been three years in the making and is preceded only by a rare demo disk and a couple of appearances on the soundtracks: The Heart is Deceitful above all things and Last Days a Gus Van Sant movie that Pitt starred in.

Last Days was an artistic guess at what Kurt Cobain’s last days on earth might have been like. The movie showcased the video for Pagoda’s “The Happy Song” on its DVD release. In the video Pitt, dressed as Cobain sings, “This cross bears a billion lost souls,” while two semi-naked women wander through wearing black cloths over their heads with menacing silver face masks and black electrical tape X’s on their nipples. The video exposed many new viewers to Pagoda’s bizarre and slightly dark brand of grunge, despite the lack of enthusiasm generated for the movie. Many more fans first heard of the band from their MySpace page (www.MySpace.com/pagoda), which allows viewers to check out some of Pagoda’s music free of charge.


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